About Eric Pepin

Inspired by his own childhood, Eric J. Pepin dedicates his life to one true passion and mission: to help others gain a connection to God. His own path as a philosopher, teacher and author began during his childhood in New England. By the age of 15, he was giving classes to his friends to share his experiences and revelations.

After 20 years of offering courses and guidance to friends, he founded Higher Balance Institute in 2003 with the mission “to awaken one mind at a time.” Through Higher Balance, Eric Pepin has been able to offer knowledge and support to people throughout the world.

Eric Pepin becomes best selling author

Shortly after, Eric Pepin published his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, which became an Amazon best-seller. Over the next 10 years, he toured the United States and countries around to the world, speaking at retreats and lectures.

During this time, he also expanded the Higher Balance curriculum, developing and releasing more than 100 audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic. Eric Pepin also went on to publish six more books, including Meditation Within Eternity and Prescient Visions, all of which became Amazon best-sellers.

As a pioneer in the field of spirituality, he has never forgotten that his own journey to awakening was based on his own personal experiences and reflections with paranormal and psychic activity. Eric Pepin focuses on reminding students that while he can, and does, provide cutting-edge knowledge, what is truly important is to focus on what individuals can experience for themselves.

Eric Pepin teaches at Higher Balance Institute

Dedicated to the success of his students, Eric Pepin continued to grow and evolve Higher Balance and recently launched the Higher Balance Collegiate Program. This new program has been designed to help students progress and achieve spiritual experiences while meeting the demands of the modern world.

An entrepreneur at heart, he grew Higher Balance from the ground up, overseeing every aspect of the organization. With this experience, he not only teaches students the finer aspects of spirituality, but also the skills necessary to be a success in business and in life.

From his home base in Santa Rosa, CA, Eric Pepin continues to teach and develop new courses. He also continues to speak at Higher Balance events throughout the United States and locations around the world including India, Paris and Mexico.

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Igniting the Sixth Sense

The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe.

Meditation Within Eternity

The modern mystic’s guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening: True Telepathy, Effective Energy Healing and the Journey to Infinite Awareness

Prescient Visions

Having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Waking the Immortal Within

Develop your spiritual presence, awaken the inner master and explore hidden realities


Handbook of the Navigator

What is God, the psychic connection to spiritual awakening and conscious universe.